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About Assure Consulting

Based in California, Assure USA is an executive search firm focused on providing quality staffing solutions for the IT industry. We believe that one organization with belief is equal to ninety-nine others with interest. Unyielding commitment to this work ethic has allowed us to grow into a dynamic, intellectual leader in the high-technology HR services space. We do not believe in offering quick-fix, generic, comprehensive solutions to our clients, but design customized sourcing strategies fine-tuned and refined to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Our unconventional robust-click-brick-and-mortar business model, carefully designed to shape effective sourcing strategies for clients stretches the universe of qualified candidates to its maximum, provides recruiting companies with increased choice of hire without compromising on the personalized aspects of service. The specialized focus of our well-developed online business component, attracts a deep and rich base of passive and experienced job seekers. Our candidate pool continues to grow, helping employers overcome geographical restriction in sourcing client requirements.

Our strong online model reflects the team driving the brick and mortar component. The offline model overcomes the pitfalls of online souring such as low scalability in terms of relationship management and marketing. As hiring managers are aware, recruitment isn't simply about posting the job on the Net and waiting for the respondents to post online resumes. It's also about personalized, intimate relationships with the recruiting company and the jobseeker. Our online business model, hence, supplements but does not overshadow our abiding commitment to deliver custom made personalized solutions to clients and jobseekers alike. Our motto continues to be relationships before transactions.

Together, the integrated click-brick-and-mortar model offers a high value proposition to information and technology companies. As our name suggests by selecting Assure USA as an HR partner, the recruiting company is guaranteed:

  • Customized and timely hiring solutions to meet organizational requirements
  • A flexible and accommodating team that can internalize your demands, think like you and function 24/7 as an extension of your HR department
  • An informed and intelligent team that prides itself on keeping abreast of technology developments
  • A team that does not believe in short cuts and is passionately dedicated to meeting your exacting standards
  • An articulate team with strong communication skills which can aggressively market your organization's strengths to prospective recruits
  • A team with an uncompromising attitude to business ethics

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Our HR Services To Employers


Assure USA meets the manpower needs of IT organizations effectively and promptly, leaving HR departments to focus on other core competencies.

Staffing Solutions

Our HR team studies the company, its immediate needs, long-term goals and proposes staffing solutions accordingly.

Compensation Services

We undertake comparative study of compensation packages in the industry and help clients develop a compensation package to attract and retain the best talent.

Employee Motivation

Assure designs retention practices and evolves motivation packages to help employers build their organizations.


Assure Cosultancy, true to its name, provides assurance for your career. Their response is pretty good and quick. For creative minded software engineers, looking for an upward career graph, this is the perfect place to contact. Assure has given me a very good career break. I am satisfied economically and technically

- Dhayalan.V, Senior S/W Engineer
Silicon Automation Systems

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